About The Simple Idea™

We are committed to sharing relevant content that is simple to understand and that can make a difference to life and business for the people who take action and apply it.

We are primarily based in Kent & London, UK. We have partners, associates, clients and friends all over the world.

We incubate our own ideas, and help other people do the same.

As a result we have created, published and shared apps, audios, books, courses, trainings, videos and helped many people in many ways, and in so doing we believe The Simple Idea makes The Big Difference™.

If you want to join our team, or help get an idea incubated or brought to market get in touch.

We look forward to being in communication and seeing what we can produce together.

About The Simple Idea Solutions

The Simple Idea is all about elegant solutions that make a big difference to people, projects and productivity.

Our philosophy is direct. We create software solutions around points of pain, irritation and stress that we have experienced ourselves, and observed in businesspeople, entrepreneurs and other busy individuals.

The Problems we Solve

We ask ourselves this question: where could a small help make a big difference to eliminate pain or – even better – unlock a world of time, possibilities or the potential to work or operate better?

The Simple Idea creates tools, applications and platforms which set out to solve simple, obvious and everyday problems for the SME business, online marketing and web development communities. All of these audiences share a need to utilise the web in a smart way, move fast to build their businesses and find better ways to sell and convert business online.

The Origin

The Simple Idea is the brainchild of Simon Hedley, a prolific creative entrepreneur, and his partners in Psi Pi Group, which has been generating ideas since 1980.

In 2000 it launched SimpleIdea.co.uk to provide not-for-profit hosting to help small businesses get their websites online in an associate cost environment, and this was one of the ideas that later generated The Simple Idea.

About Simon

Simon Hedley is an experienced expert who truly understands the needs of today’s businesses.

He has a passion for, and deep understanding of, web dynamics, supported by over a decade’s experience in accounting, finance and management consulting, and he is a qualified Chartered Accountant.

He is a strong advocate of Whole System Thinking and uses this to help other businesses as well as his own to create and optimise new products, services, concepts and online marketing ideas to create highly profitable business models. He oversees a group of companies including Psi Thinking Limited and The Simple Idea Limited, focused on bringing smart business ideas alive online, with services spanning application development, training and strategic consulting.